MS Teams - Call Issue with 1 Coworker, others work fine

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I have 1 co-worker that I can't do standard Teams calling with. 

  • I can teams call anyone else and it works
  • He can teams call anyone else and it works
  • We can hear each other if we create a Teams meeting
  • I can hear him, but he can't hear me if we do a standard teams call through the chat window
  • If a 3rd party adds us to a call we can all hear each other 

We both did the fix on this site for clearing our cache - did not fix the issue.


Any other suggestions? 

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@JennL  have you both tried logging to other devices, or one user mobile and another using the effected computers.


I would suggest trying using both accounts with different devices if PC or mobile, then test one on the affected device, and second on the working device this will give you proper testing and could troubleshoot what is going on.