MS Teams behaviour after enabling Multi tenant organization ( MTO) feature


Hi All,

   So, I've been playing around with the MTO feature in my test tenant and I'm having tough time in getting the expected behaviour in MS Teams and hence this question. As documented by MS, I have setup the MTO and I'm able to see the shared users as a members on the other tenants and I'm also able to do the people search as expected and it does show the contact card with limited attributes.So, this is all fine.


Now, when it comes to MS Teams, am I supposed to enable B2B direct connect on all the tenants by going to the External identities section in the Entra ID page or is that not needed and just having MTO setup with users shared will allow to have seamless 1:1 chat, channel conversations and document collaboration ? This is not clear to me and I'm not finding any proper documentation on this. 


So, this is what I did and none of them gave me the expected result...


1. I just enabled the MTO and shared the users across tenants (without enabling B2B direct connect on Entra ID) and tried to have a chat conversation and tried other MS Teams functionalities and it didn't work.


2. I did set up the B2B direct connect which in return enabled the shared channels feature in MS Teams and still I'm not able to have any chat or other functionalities with these users in MS Teams.


So, my question here is,

1. Am I supposed to enable B2B direct connect to get the expected behaviour in MS Teams or is that not needed and I should be able to get things working just with the MTO setup?


2. What's the expected license all the users in my tenant should have to make use of the MTO feature? 






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