ms teams app joining meeting issue with guest account, try to switch to another account

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Hey there,


after an automatic Windows update, I started having issues joining MS Teams meetings as a guest with the desktop app. 

When I try to join, a message appears on the app screen saying that Teams is trying to switch to another account, but nothing happens.

The only way to make this work is to uninstall it every time and reinstall it, then I can join again as a guest. But after the laptop freezes, I have to repeat the process again, it's very frustrating.

Does anybody have an idea how to solve the issue?

Before the Windows automatic update, I could join MS Teams meetings as a guest with the desktop app with no issues... afterward it became impossible

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Do you have a teams license yourself? Or only guest accounts?
I do not have a paid Teams license myself, I logged in with my personal Windows account and an Office 365 account from work (individual license), but I'm not part of an organization.
Somehow after the Windows automatic update, the Teams app started messing with the accounting system and does not let me join calls as a guest anymore. If I try to do so it keeps showing up a message that is moving me to the OTHER account and goes on with an endless loop...
I've tried a lot of different things and the only one that works is to uninstall the Teams app, try to join a call, click the option for the app, download the app and install it. At that point only that time I can join the call as a guest, but on the next call we are back to the endless redirect loop...
It's so frustrating given that I'm having a lot of calls at the moment with an organization I'm working with and they use Teams