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Hey community!


I am managing a team of people with two different e-mail domains. We all have Office365 accounts but with different admins. Unfortunately I was only able to add them to a teams channel as guests which brings some unwanted limitations. Is there any way of adding them as members? I am the O365 domain.



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If they aren't part of your office 365 tenant, they can only be invited as guests in the team!

They could be on different domain but only if these domain where added to the same tenant!


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Hello, did you found a solution ? 
because "guest" is not a good solution for me, when I want to plan a meeting guest people doesn't appear when I write the beginning of their name. And the are not in the chat meeting like the others...  


I too work with many teams consisting with members using different domains but all within the same parent company. All have office subscriptions and need more access than 'guest' access. There has to be a solution to this issue, can anyone help?


@RowanEvans123 I'm also searching for a solution; my outlook mail is on an exchange server in North America, and my Teams account is on a server in Asia.. When I setup meetings via outlook they don't synch with Teams, and vice-versa.. 


I also happen to have a Zoom account, and don't have any of these problems; I setup a meeting in Zoom and it automatically updates my outlook calendar.. and works both directions.