MS TEAMS and Soft Phone Software

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My company using UC-One through Evolve IP for our soft phone and have been using this software for years now. The IT department is starting to get tickets about when users are logged into the soft phone and in a meeting in TEAMs if they deny and incoming call from the Soft Phone it kicks them out of the meeting as well. Has anyone else experienced this or know how to fix the issue?

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I've had a similar experience but not kicking out. We use Myistra from Centile and when we're in a Teams call and an incoming call comes through the softphone, the softphone automatically answers the call without the user clicking anything and then we lose audio in the Teams Call. 


Vice versa happens, when we're in a Teams meeting and on mute in the meeting, when we try to make an outgoing call on the softphone, it doesn't work at all.