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I use my personal MS Team account for scheduling meeting for my office meetings.

I schedule a meeting, copy the meeting link and paste it in Outlook to send a meeting invite.

Earlier when I paste the meeting link it used to show "Click here to join the meeting" or "Click here to join the meeting".

Now for a few weeks the link is showing as "


What should I do?

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Hey @Prakashr28 ,


I am not using the personal teams account but i do see an option in Office 365 version of teams, to copy join info, if you select to copy the "Join Microsoft Teams meeting" it would only copy the link.

Not sure if you see a similar option in personal teams.joinTeams.JPG




The links you are referring to sound more like the ones that you would just get as part of an invite.

Although I suppose it may have detected the nature of the link previously but if you are copying a hyperlink that is how I would expect it to look and is how it essentially is in the background of and click here option.

If you are worried about the formatting you can just type any text and make it a hyperlink and specify that URL as the link location.

However after having said all of the above, how come you are having to copy and paste the link? Are invites not being sent with links automatically in them and referencable from an attendees calendar. You then might still provide someone with that link if you are adding in an additional participant.

I could also be missing the Personal aspect of this, so might need to test myself as I do know that a lot of that side of things relies on the Team client being present, so that could be a factor. So for example if Teams was not present or detected that could affect the presentation of a meeting link.



@harveer singh thanks for sharing. I do see an option to copy the meeting link. But when i paste the link in Outlook I get only an elongated link.

Don't know what settings have changed in Teams or Outlook.

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Hey @Prakashr28 ,


You are right, it seems that there has been some change in teams personal and even if you click copy meeting invitation it is in fact copying the URL (same behavior in web and client version). The change is on Teams side and not outlook. There is not much we can do here as this seems to be a change from MS end. For now i guess we will have to stick with creating a link in outlook manually. Right click > Link> Fill out 'Text to display' and URL you copied earlier.