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I have a question regarding MS Team data. Because of school, I am required to use MS Team for lecture meeting and to record my lecture because my instructor wouldn't do it for us. However, during that time I have no access to a wifi and need to rely on my 16GB mobile data. The recording is about 1.5 hour and I am not going to turn on video. Will my mobile data be enough? I am using MS Team on iPhone 12 Pro.


Please advise.


Thank you!

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Recordings are stored in your OneDrive and won’t affect your data separately

@adam deltinger but wouldn't it takes up LTE data to use MS Team with mobile data instead of wi-fi? 16GB isn't the storage, it's 16GB LTE data.

Yes, but what I am saying is that the recording won’t affect that! You will be able to manage that meeting without any issues with that plan. Also you don’t need to stick around after starting the recording if you don’t need to. You can exit the meeting as long there are others continuing it.


@adam deltingerNow I get it, thank you Adam! :smile: