Ms Shifts very slow, and shows incorrect data schedule

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Hello Guys,

A Happy Wednesday to all!


Is there anyone who encountered below issues:


  1. MS Shifts takes a long time to load (about half a day and still did not work) on MS Teams Desktop app. Web version is the current workaround.

  2. MS shifts displays incorrect schedule even if owner already updated it.
  4. There are about 100+ members on this specific Team, and they use MS Shifts to manage manpower vs machine allocation, but the behaviour is inconsistent whether using direct internet or vpn, at any location (home/office). My question on this one, "Is there a limit to the number of schedules that can be managed ?, If yes, what would be the maximum?"

Thanks in advanced for your insights!



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Since today, we have the same issue! Do you have any suggestens or did you find any solution for these problems?