MS Live Events Public AND External App > not possible/supported. Why and are there solutions?

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Hello Teamer,

I'm testing Live Events because of customer requirements. The Teams Encoder is pretty nice but the interface and possibilities are very limited. Sure for endusers with less knowledge it's fine.
I have done tests with open broadcast system which has really great encoder features. But know the combination of "external app or device" AND Public is not supported. When I select external device the public is grey out. The policy for public is enabled and working with Teams Encoder.

Does anybody has experience with it and is there a way to get it running?


by documentation it's not supported:


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@Lars Roth Unfortunately that is a limitation that I have noticed as well. I'm not sure if the same applies for events produced in Stream.


@Lars Roth 


Hi Lars,

I know what you are meaning thanks for your clarification.
I have an issue where I struggle bit with... You published the screenshot who can watch live events. External access is my problem. If I grant the permission to external ones they need to log in. Does it also work for those ones who has no access to a Microsoft account?

I tried it with my work email as producer and granted my private mail @gmail to People and Groups and send it out to my private account seperatly with the access link.
After accessing the link I was asked to login, therefore a Microsoft account has not been registerd I selected the option to get a validation code. I entered this one and nothing happens. So there where no chance to login.
So I guess People & Groups are only for those ones who are inside the org tenant or maybe outside but have an active Microsoft license on their tenent?! Any clue?

Best regards and thanks in advance,


@Marcel_Z Your findings are correct but even worse, when choosing the people and groups option then those people need to be licensed as well. So yes, it has been designed for internal people and should be more clear on the setup page. In most cases people will only realise this when the live event has already started and by then it is too late.


@SuleimanDC thank you so much for confiming it!!! That is exactly the point ... to our luck we are just in testing before sending out the invitation. That would be a desaster ... 


Unfortunatly Live Events is not really useful for webinars to external ones, where you want to control the access. Is it applicable for regular Teams Meetings with lobby control but there are limited options to control the participants. I acutally saw a user voice which raised the request to add a kind of registration. As far that is not rolled out we need to remain on WebEx Event Center. 


@SuleimanDC thanks, the user need to be licensed as well?! I thought about the possibility to handle this with Guest accounts just for the authentication.
I will do a test with a guest account to be sure if this is working or not.


@Lars Roth Yes, that is correct. Users will need to login to a MS account and they need to have a Teams license. If you set it up in Stream then they'll need a Stream license. Either way, licenses will be required. I can understand the sign in requirement but the license is just ridiculous.