Moving old/archived Teams Channels to SharePoint

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So I've recently taken on the task of moving archive Teams channels we set up during lockdown in 2020 over to SharePoint (basically, removing them from Teams).


The channels have semi-sensitive data on them, and the requirement is to move all the chat history over to either a file or folder in a SharePoint folder already in existence. I can find information doing it the other way (SharePoint > Teams), but I've not found a solution to the opposite way.


I've tried the following solutions that haven't worked properly:

Exporting a chat out to Outlook

Moving data from Teams to SharePoint manually (time consuming!)


Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Hello @barry_lee , 

To move archive Teams channels and their chat history to SharePoint, you can use the Microsoft Teams compliance and retention features along with SharePoint's document management capabilities. Here's a general outline of the process:

1. **Configure retention policies in Microsoft Teams**: Before you begin the migration, ensure that you have retention policies set up in Microsoft Teams to preserve the chat history. This will prevent the chat history from being deleted after you remove the channels from Teams. You can configure retention policies in the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center.

2. **Create a SharePoint folder**: In the desired SharePoint site, create a folder where you want to store the chat history from the Teams channels.

3. **Export the Teams channel chat history**: There are a few methods you can use to export the chat history from Teams channels:
- Microsoft Graph API: You can use the Microsoft Graph API to access and export the chat messages from Teams channels. You'll need to develop a custom solution or use a third-party tool to perform this export programmatically.
- PowerShell script: Microsoft provides a Teams PowerShell module that allows you to manage Teams and their data. You can use PowerShell to export the chat history from Teams channels. Refer to the Microsoft documentation for guidance on using PowerShell to export Teams channel messages.
- Third-party tools: There are several third-party tools available that can help you export Teams channel chat history to a file format such as CSV, TXT, or HTML.

4. **Save the exported chat history**: Once you have exported the chat history, save the file(s) in the SharePoint folder you created in step 2. Ensure that appropriate access controls and permissions are applied to the SharePoint folder to maintain data security.

5. **Remove the channels from Teams**: After successfully exporting the chat history, you can remove the Teams channels. This can be done by either archiving the channels or deleting them, depending on your organization's requirements.

By following these steps, you can migrate the archive Teams channels and their chat history to SharePoint, preserving the chat data while removing the channels from Teams. Remember to consider data privacy and compliance regulations when handling sensitive information, and consult your organization's IT or compliance team if necessary.




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That's great. I don't have access to change the retention policies, but I can do the rest. I'll have a look into the system a bit more and see if I can be given access, etc, or teach the person that wants to do this how to do it. Thanks.