Moving files between private and non-private channels inside the same Team

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Inside a Microsoft Teams Team with some channels and private channels, I would like to move a folder and its content from a channel to a private channel.

Until now I din't find any solution, and only one official page on private channels ( but without any mention to file transfer.

I was not able to move my folder in SharePoint either, where files associated to channels and private channels seem to exist in distinct and not communicating environments.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi @maclura,

In the new file experience, you can move files in Teams between a private channel and a standard channel and vice versa. However, currently you cannot move folders, so if you need to move a folder or folder structure then recreate it in the destination channel and move the files into the required folder.

You may or may not have the new file experience currently as it is rolling out globally. See Microsoft 365 Roadmap


Blog to move files in the new file experience is here

If you don't have the new experience yet, you may need to wait a little longer. If you can't wait you could always look at a workaround to sync the Teams to the local desktop and move them that way.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hi@Christopher Hoard ,


I confirm you fully answered to my question. Thank you.

Your suggested workaround does work as well, but only through SharePoint for folder structures.

I look forward to the new file experience in Teams!


Best, Doriano

@Christopher Hoard  I know this is an older post. But I am trying to figure out if FOLDERS and not just files can be moved as well. If FOLDERS can not be moved this seems like clear deficiency and oversight. 



Bad news, at the time of this post you cannot move folders within teams, only files. 


Good news, you can do this within SharePoint . 


Open the SharePoint site containing the folder you want to move.  Use the circle to the left to select the folder(s) you are trying to move. Then use either Move to’ button, opening the move wizard on the right side of the screen.   Then, click on 'Browse Sites'.   Here comes the annoying part... Next, keep clicking on either ‘show more button until you see the private channel show up in the list.  It will look something like team name – private channel name . Click on that Team, then you can choose a destination within the private channel document library.


Basically, a Private Channel is its own SharePoint site.   Meaning there is a separate document library for all private channels.  You can see the different URLs, when you open the private channel in SharePoint next to the standard channel.  I guess it was Microsoft's answer to keeping things secure. 


This worked for me. I hope it helps you and others out as well.


All the best,


Yes @Eirikr, as I mentioned above, the solution is through Sharepoint. But my lesson learned is that a private channel inside a Teams site is not a good design. A Teams site offers a good flexibility only if all channels share the same permissions. Otherwise you will have to do what I had to do: create a new Teams group and move all the private channel files and folders structures there.

Best, Doriano

At this point I just want to backtrack and abandon Teams for storing files altogether. I am attempting to move things from a private folder to onedrive and can't seem to do that. Am I doing something wrong. I can't possibly work this poorly. I am open to it being user error, but it doesn't seem like it. It's as if the software developers don't attempt to use their own product. 

Any experience of moving a OneNote from a standard channel to a private channel?

@t0ta81 When stored in SharePoint a OneNote isn't really a file, it looks like one but it's actually a special case (it's actually a folder that contains lots of files). This is why you can't simply copy between one site and another.


The best method to move OneNote is to open both notebooks in the client then copy whole sections from one to the other.

@Steven Collier Thanks for the info and guidance. That did the trick.