Moving and reordering content (Wiki's and Channels)

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Dear all,


We have been using Teams for a little under a year now and using the platform has been embedded into our organisation.


However, now that things are really kicking-off, we want to reorder the data (Wiki's, channels etc.) based on the outcome of a 'card-sorting exercise'. Is it already possible to move data from one place to another?


It is already possible to move data within Wiki's horizontally (Move-up, Move-down), but for obvious reasons, it is crucial that Wiki's can be restructured under other or new channels.


Thank you

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No this is not possible as far as I know! You need to copy the content and recreate it in a new wiki

@adam deltinger , thank you... I was afraid so... Any idea on how can I bring this up as a suggestion to add as a possible new feature?

Yes! Search the teams uservoice for similar requests and vote! Or create your own so people can vote for it: