Move or remove 'Posts' and 'Files' from channels

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how do I move or remove the sections 'Posts' and 'Files' from a Teams channel so a PowerApp will be visible directly on click on a channel.


Thank you!

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@Schwibach This isn't currently possible, Posts and Files are mandatory in every Team. Would it not make more sense to publish the Power App as a personal app and pin it for your users so it's accessible alongside Activity, Chat, Team etc.

Can you do that with regular Canvas Power Apps or not just Power Apps for Teams?
If so, I'll have to look into it.
We have several schools in one tenant and it would be quite neat to organize the apps and other content in channels as the UI is familiar to people. If they have to look for it in a tab, they only get confused. With several tabs in one channel, they're not visible at first glance anymore. I cannot believe for the life of me why it shouldn't at least be possible to move the Posts and Files from the left. At the very least admins should be able to switch that feature on/off.

@Schwibach Yes, any Power App can be published and pinned in Teams. See Embed an app in Teams - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs



Ah, thanks... It's switched off in our tenant. I'll have an admin look into it.
However, that will only work for me and not for creating a nicer experience for other people, showing them Forms, PDFs, PowerApps etc. immediately upon clicking a channel.

For example, when we create a Team for an event with channels for each session and then one channel for the feedback form. It would be nice to have the users get the program (pdf) in the General channel and have another feedback channel that will immediately take you to Forms...