Move Incoming Webhook connector to a different channel

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Is it possible to move an Incoming Webhook connector from one channel to another one (in that same team) *while preserving the existing webhook URL*? 


I'd like to move a webhook out of our general channel and into its own new channel, but I'd really like to keep the URL as-is so that I don't have to reconfigure the external services that reference it.



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@Therese_Solimeno Unfortunately, I don't think it does: I know how to set them up, it's just that I have one already set up that I'd like to move to a different channel. If I just delete the old one and create a new one the webhook URL changes (it's got a random id in it), which means I have to go reconfigure all the external services that reference that URL. I'd like to avoid that if possible, so I was wondering if I could move a webhook but preserve its randomly generated URL, so that I don't have to update external service configurations.


But I appreciate your reply! Thank you!!

@JasonC4Did you happen to find a solution for this?
Would be interested in seeing this functionality.