Move Incoming Webhook connector to a different channel

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Is it possible to move an Incoming Webhook connector from one channel to another one (in that same team) *while preserving the existing webhook URL*? 


I'd like to move a webhook out of our general channel and into its own new channel, but I'd really like to keep the URL as-is so that I don't have to reconfigure the external services that reference it.



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@Therese_Solimeno Unfortunately, I don't think it does: I know how to set them up, it's just that I have one already set up that I'd like to move to a different channel. If I just delete the old one and create a new one the webhook URL changes (it's got a random id in it), which means I have to go reconfigure all the external services that reference that URL. I'd like to avoid that if possible, so I was wondering if I could move a webhook but preserve its randomly generated URL, so that I don't have to update external service configurations.


But I appreciate your reply! Thank you!!

@JasonC4Did you happen to find a solution for this?
Would be interested in seeing this functionality.

@JasonC4 Wondering if you ever got any further with this.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, try this solution. Begin by adding the webhook as an app instead of trying to create the connector from the teams channel. read