Move existing chat into a teams channel

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Is it at all possible to move a group chat into a team channel? 

Is this something that's in development currently or being considered? 


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Hi, you can add your vote/feedback on the Feedback portal item
This is badly needed. My company deletes chats after 3 days, for cost savings purposes. As a result, we lose long chats. The only way to avoid this, I believe, is to put this into a team channel. So please deploy this soon, please.

@ChristianJBergstrom That link no longer works. Is there a new one? 

Has this been implemented yet?

@ChristianJBergstrom -- I get this message clicking on the link you shared



I get the same "something is missing" message as well. However I agree with several others here that this is something that should be implemented. A use case for me would be when very early conversations are occurring relating to a project that hasn't formalized yet (which is when we create a Team for it) and the early conversations may be useful throughout the project life. 


This is the community feed to vote on that's currently working!