Move converstaion or whole channel between Teams?

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Hello Community Members,


i think this maybe already shared by someone is it possible to Move conversations from one Channel to another or move the whole channel between Teams?


if not do we know is there anything on the roadmap from Microsoft.




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Hi! No, either not possible at the moment!
Moving channel between teams is in the works though:


Nothing on the roadmap but Microsoft is working on it, posted on uservoice.

Thanks adam for the reply, i wonder if someone has created voice to be heard or not for moving the messages/conversation between Channels since there will be a conversation where we need to put that in another channel on same Teams.


and about moving the channel between channels i do see this is under works which is great.

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Thanks Adam,


this will work i will wait for both of them as it is very needfull to me espically when we are doing the Pilot so before rolling out to the whole team its is better i will regulary check these links and if you heard somthing a head will be happy to hear from you.





Just wanted to Say Thanks to@adam deltinger @Linus Cansby and others for their great inputs on this concern I shared look like we have already people shouting for this and as always voices are being heard in Microsoft.

No problem :)
Yes, need this very much. There are many occasions where I need to keep a smaller more private group and then move that info to a larger group intact, and while keeping the overall channel structure clean.

@adam deltinger 


Deprioritized - Due to prioritization of other work-items this has been moved to the backlog.  We will update when it is being actively worked on again


IOW, no, doesn't do that either.

Where's the "dislike" vote? We need this.

I'm starting to get hacked off with Teams already.

I'm still new to it and thought "this is great", but after only a few weeks in, and also wanting to roll it out across the business, i'm left thinking that its more an 'unfinished' product than an 'evolving' one.

Some fundamental basics like moving data from one team to another as well as being able to toggle channels back and forth between private and public are still missing after reading a few posts about them being on the roadmap.

I would have expected these to be in from the get to. People are used to moving data from one folder to another, they will surely also want to be able to move files from one team to another too, especially when a private channel was created within a team but then find you cannot make it public. So i created a new team with a new channel, assigned the correct permissions/members, but then find i cannot move the data from the other team.

Not sure what they were smoking/drinking/snorting when they decided NOT to include such basic features.




Move, Archive and Export channels in MS Teams is possible with a third party solution of SphereShield:

@adam deltinger   @adam deltinger 

Do you have a way to get an update on this feature request?

Could possibly make a huge difference in the way we use Teams. 



there is no more updates but both of them are on the UserVoice;


Move a channel to another team is put to backlog here is the link;


moving conversation / posts to another channel is also into consideration on UserVoice and here is the link for updates;

@Yoav Crombiethanks for reaching out but that would mean another cost and another system which we would not afford now!

@kevjacksonyeah you are right on this but as MS Teams is getting more features and to be One-Stop shop it is would be hard to include all these features at once, since every other product out there has taken all this time to bring on those features! I really love all the features you asked for!

Go MS Teams go for it!!!!



If you're OneDrive users, you can link Teams to that (using SharePoint), and move files back and forth easily using the Windows tree directory style - or open both programs (OneDrive and SharePoint) online.  Just remember to always create new channels IN TEAMS, not on the OD side.


Note - Syncing is sometimes an issue, so keep an eye out -  it doesn't always happen automatically.


Still no cure for moving the posts between chat/channels, but I'm thinking of trying that 3rd part software: Anyone try it yet?



Thanks for the point about syncing files...


Teams is very much a work in progress. Now that it is possible to restrict users of channels to specific users subset, the first thing anyone wants to do is to move the old root-level channels (ie Teams) conversations to new channels in a combined team.  The situation now is a bit like having a file system but no way to move more than one file at a time!  Very disappointing and frustrating.  Also I too would prefer not to have to use a 3rd-party app.