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Hi, our staff started using Teams back in March when lockdown started and were using the free version. A Teams org was created (e.g. Contoso Staff) and people were given access to it using Microsoft 'personal' accounts they created using their work email addresses.


We have now purchased Microsoft 365 licenses and are moving to the licensed version but the Teams org used by the 'work' accounts within the Admin centre (e.g. is different and if people switch to the other Teams org they switch to the other Microsoft ID and revert to the unlicensed version of Teams.


Is there any way to move the original Teams org into the Microsoft tenant so that access can be controlled using the M365 admin centre and people able to access using their 'work' Microsoft account without losing the contents of the Team org? I don't want to have to tell people to delete their 'personal' Microsoft accounts as some of them use them for other purposes.


Any advice would be very helpful.


Many thanks, Eddie

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Sorry, no way to do that. The whole "migration" story is currently lacking, and the few third-party products that can do it all have some caveats/limitations.



Hi Vasil,


Thanks for taking the time to respond. It is a pretty poor show as I am sure this must be something lots of people need to do.


I understand that the 3rd party products have limitations but could you advise me of any names so I can have a look as they may be better than nothing for us.


Kind regards, Eddie


Hi  Santhosh,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Unfortunately that does not help in my case as we have a existing paid Microsoft 365 subscription which we wanted to merge the free Teams org into.


The document linked states: "You have to upgrade to a new Microsoft 365 subscription. Merging Teams free into an existing Microsoft 365 paid subscription is not supported."


So it looks like there is nothing we can do in this case.


Many thanks, Eddie