Moodle Tab in Teams Requires Sign In

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We've pretty much successfully integrated Moodle with Teams (Team creation upon Moodle course creation, user enrollment sync, etc...) with the exception of one piece.  The Moodle Tab, created in each Team, requires the user sign in again to O365.  It was my understanding that the integration would handle the authentication via OpenID Connect and the "enable authenticated users to create web tokens" setting.  I realize the Moodle tab is just an iFrame essentially, but am I mistaken that this is not how the integration works?  Will our users just have to sign in again to access Moodle content in that tab?

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Hi @KyleGrizzell ,


Just double checking, was it this setup that you followed?





Yup, that’s the one.



We have been setting this up recently and I have been through the documentation many times and have the same thing.

Moodle is able to create the Teams from the chosen course and add the Moodle tab but then we are presented with the following:


We have to login to Office 365 and then it'll ask us to login to our Moodle before it presents the course content correctly.  Once we have logged in we can go to other Teams which have the Moodle tab during the same Teams session and not have to log in again but the next time we use Teams we will to go through the same login process.  This happens for Teams Web app or Teams Desktop.

I'd really appreciate any suggests to sort this out as we want to go live with this asap.



Check this thread out over at GitHub.


Looks like that's just how it works and there's no workaround.  I've noticed the integration works best via web browser versus the standalone desktop app though.  Chrome or Edge would be the best option, since it has the most functionality with regard to video chat (if that's needed).