Monitor tasks set up by Teams user

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One of our customers wants to see the tasks that exist in their teams account.  Is is possible for me to see the tasks they have created in teams from the Admin center, or can that only be done from the employees profile?

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Hi, you cannot see those in TAC. You would have to add yourself to the team (group) associated with the plan to see them, or as you say "from the employees profile".


By the way, as we speak there's a new behavior rolling out that will put a copy of the planner tasks in user mailboxes (and not only in Planner Azure service). This will make the data discoverable by eDiscovery. Perhaps something of interest for you.


"A secondary copy of Planner tasks which are assigned to at least one user will be stored in the user’s Exchange mailbox."


  • Standard: we will begin rolling this out in mid-November 2021 and are targeting completion of the rollout by late January (previously mid-December).