Monitor file download in teams


Hi All,

Is there a way to monitor the file downloads for Teams. Any tracking mechanism to know what are the various files that have been downloaded by the users of different channels?

We can search the Audit log for the following though:

  • Created team
  • Deleted team
  • Added channel
  • Deleted channel
  • Changed organization setting
  • Changed team setting
  • Changed channel setting
  • Changed setting (legacy)
  • User signed in to Teams
  • Added bot to team
  • Removed bot from team
  • Added Tab
  • Removed tab
  • Added connector
  • Removed Connector
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Teams files are SharePoint files, so you just need to look in that section of the audit data.

The only thing here is that you will not have so granular information in regards of files activities per channel you will have it per Team site