Modified Date not appearing in some Teams' File views

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I'm finding that in my O365 Tenant, certain Teams are no longer showing the Modified dates of any views. What is strange is that in some Teams - dates are there but other Teams there are none. The data is there, as if I 'Group by Modified', the dates are shown in the groupings.

There's also no clear commonality between the Teams affected and those that are not.


We raised a ticket with Microsoft in early February but despite numerous calls and providing of logs, they don't seem to be getting anywhere.


Is anyone else seeing this Issue?

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@Jon Garrett We have the same issue. In some teams views the modified date does not show, but the colum is there.

Have you found a solution to this issue?

@PeterA1120 The issue is at Microsoft's end. Raised a ticket with them back in March and after months of trading Logs, one day in August the dates came back and the ticket was closed. Microsoft didn't say what the actual issue was but it must've been at their end. 

So hopefully if you raise a ticket, they can resolve for you a little quicker than they did us.

@Jon Garrett 

Yes, we also have the very same problem.

Will open yet another ticket with Microsoft.