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how to share audio of a video when we do a lecture using Teams mobile App

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@chaminda ranasinghe please clarify what exactly you are trying to achieve?

@SuleimanDC i want to a lecture using mobile app. when i play video and share my mobile screen with students, they can see video, but students can not hear audio

@Chaminda2235 I cannot say for sure but it sounds more like an issue on your device to me. Possibly a technical shortcoming or a permissions issue.

@SuleimanDC not at all. there is no option to share system audio in mobile app like we have option in desktop app. can you pls explain how to share audio in mobile app while playing a youtube video

@Chaminda2235 I do not think its possible to share system audio from your mobile phone.

No, you can’t :)

@adam deltinger ok, thanks, isn't it necessary, because we use smart phone for everything and mobile app is to enable mobility 

Yes. This is so necessary to be able to share audio. Has this problem been addressed. Any solutions?

Android 10 supports sharing system audio. Webex Meeting mobile can share audio from youtube video on android 10 devices.
Microsoft Teams needs to CATCH UP......


Android 11 is not supporting include device sound though the option is available in the device