Mistakenly associated 'Guest' account on personal profile (not work/school account)

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About 2 years back, I was trying to set up Teams to access an external organization. Not familiar with Teams at the time, and the fact that personal accounts were more limited I believe, I fumbled around in my Teams account creation.

Long story short (no idea how I managed to achieve this outcome), but today I have a third-party guest account associated with my personal account (M365 family subscription). This is NOT a work or school account setup and the account doesn't appear anywhere in these settings.

So I am trying to remove this guest account but in spite of all my research, I did not find a way to remove it. The guest organisation also doesn't seem to see this account, as it is not listed under their regular guests I presume.

Does anyone have an idea how I can remove this account?

Many thanks in advance for any help!

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Hello, for work/school account go here to see if you have an org. to leave

For personal account go here (the link "Manage my organizations" will take you to the above site too).

You can also sign in to your personal account to see if you're using any alias on it

Note: Use InPrivate / Incognito sessions to avoid cached credentials.
Hi Christian
Many thanks for the reply! The second link was indeed very helpful as it allowed me to leave the organisation. I need to try more logout/logins and cache clearing on my various devices as the org still shows up as a sign in option. But I think I’m getting there! Many thanks for your help!