Missing the "bot" tab editing a team - Trying to create an outgoing webhook

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Hi guys,


I am trying to create an outgoing webhook with Teams to not create a full-grown bot (yet, will do in the future).


I am following: Outgoing webhooks on


In step 1 "Manage team and then navigate to the Bots tab", I don't have a Bots tab (screenshot attached). I followed this to try and get the Bots tab to show up without success: SharepointMaven - What are Microsoft Teams Bots


How do I get the "Bots" tab to show up so I can configure an outgoing webhook?




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Very sorry to have opened this. I continued searching and, sadly as it often happens, found the solution:

It's not a tab anymore, it's a link at the bottom right of the page.

That and it’s on the apps tab. Which used to be named bots :).