Missing the assignments tab how to add in

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Hi all,


I have manually created a team in admin centre (office365 group) and with the team I don't seem to have the assignments tab! How can I add it in. 


Please help!

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Can a class team be created through admin?

Thanks in advance

@AB21805 Hi, can't say as I've never used Teams edu but suppose the option should present itself if it was possible.

Hi @ChristianBergstrom 


No option I can see! 


Screenshot 2020-09-23 at 11.20.03 AM.png


Was hoping this was easy as add a new tab on the team but I cant see away around it hopefully someone knows!


Thanks for your help

@AB21805 Here you go..


There are a few ways in which class teams can be created, and Teams for Education has a unique set of deployment tools to make it as easy as possible.


- Automatic team creation using SDS
- Educator-led team creation from Office 365 class groups
- PowerShell script using Graph APIs
- Manual team creation



Hi @ChristianBergstrom 


We normally use SDS but as we only need one class creating I wanted to do it as a one off using powershell or admin centre 


I have no clue how to use Graph API but I have tried using this code 


New-Team -Alias NewClassemail -DisplayName New class name  -Template EDU_Class


But getting an error! 


PLease help

@AB21805 Go here for guidance and note the disclaimer.




Note: this parameter is not supported in our 1.0 PowerShell release, only in Preview.


If you have an EDU license, you can use this parameter to specify which template you'd like to use for creating your group. Do not use this parameter when converting an existing group.

Valid values are: "EDU_Class" or "EDU_PLC"


So is it possible to convert an existing group to a class team? @ChristianBergstrom if so that would be easier 


I have installed the preview


Just don't know what template or code to use to create a class team


we have an A1 license. 


Thanks for your continued help! Really appreciate it. 

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@AB21805 As far as I know you cannot convert an existing group to a class team. The parameter is intended to specify which template you'd like to use creating your group. It shouldn't be difficult to use the template parameter when you have a module including it. Just add -template and the EDU_Class 


You can look at the example scripts here and add it


I suggest you raise a ticket with the official Microsoft support as one question leads to another (no offence). They have the manpower to assist in that way.


Found this at UserVoice you can vote at


Good luck!