Missing Sharing Icon to upload file in a meeting chat

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Hi Team,

Anyone has already experienced this issue before or anyone has an idea about this?

the issue is that the user can initiate many meetings through Teams and in some, she identified two where the sharing file icon is missing for unknow reason to her. in many others meetings all is good the sharing icon is present and working.

- she is the host in those two meetings

- she would like to share files with users between colleagues from same company

- She does not have the OneDrive for Business License ( i checked)

- She can record the meeting (int he onedrive) but participants cant access the meeting recorded in onedrive

- She changed the access rights on the meeting to "everyone within the company who got this link" it still keeps asking them enter their mail id. sometimes it send requests like this to herself asking to: approve
Any idea to help to fixe this issue will be the most welcome
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@Tatola we just noticed today that the file attach icon is missing in many (if not all) of our meeting chats, but not in the individual or group chats. did you hear anything back about this?


@Teresa Fisher  mystery solved: "it appears as though when there is an external person invited to the meeting, our rules have prevented us from adding files. I have had several meetings where there are external people and in those cases, the clip is gone."

@Teresa Fisher
i did not hear anything back from this but all is good. So far so good
thank you