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I've had to install the Windows 10 version of Microsoft Teams and I've noticed compared to the instructional videos, there are several features missing (the Teams tab for one is non-existent in the left side-bar among other features; more importantly, the meeting options are missing the feature to control chat). Attached are screenshots to show the problem I'm having. How do I get these features up and running?

Toolbar is barebonesToolbar is barebonesThese are the only two options available to me.These are the only two options available to me.

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The settings you have when scheduling a Teams meeting are governed by the meetings policies set up by an Admin. It seems you have very restrictive meeting policies in place

Thank you@Juan Carlos González Martín for taking the time to reply.

Would you know if having more privileges would be linked to having a business suite vs a free suite by any chance? I am unsure if the IT department which handles our e-mails for log-in would have Admin related information if they haven't bought into the package though I'll try to ask them as well.

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If you have Teams Free, that might answer why you are not seeing all the options available for Teams meetings
Alright. that makes a lot of sense. Thank you very much for your time.