missing plus mark from phonenumber

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On Teams i have few users on my contacts and when i try to call them to their phone number, 

there is missing "+" mark beginning their number (see attached picture) but on that users account there is "+" mark on his number

why Teams lose it? 


this only happens for two users and other users have their numbers correct

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Hi @kimmo_turunen

How did you add that user?

1.) Did you create it new through Teams?
2.) Did you create it new through Outlook?
3.) Did you add the contact in Teams, but was it an existing contact in your organisation and you simply added it to your contacts?

Best, Chris

 @Christopher Hoard


it is existing user in our organisation, when i added user to contacts on Teams, user phone number was in correct form +358************* but now it is missing that + 


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Hi Kimmo

I have the same issue in mine with a few users

If it is an existing contact within your organisation I would check with your administrator and see if that user appears in Azure AD and how that number displays in Azure AD. It may be because the user or someone else such as the admin modified it and it is now showing without the +. If that is the case it’s simply modifying it in Azure AD and then removing and reading the contact.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

actually i checked AD and there was missing the + on users mobile number field

so that is fixed now


@Christopher Hoard