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Hi All - Im really hoping someone can help. I have over 100 Teams users now but they are not getting the PIN Channel option, whilst I do. I am the admin for Teams, the others are users and we have a 3rd party IT team who are the overall administrators.  Its not there on the browser or desktop but is there on their mobile device, users have tried clearing cache, signing out and back in again and getting the latest version to no avail.  ANY HELP on what is blocking these updates from coming through even though we are all on the same version number?

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@JohndSCL That's odd. The roll-out was completed quite a while ago



Maybe raise a ticket with the official support?



Hi, take a look at this and please try the suggested steps on one of the affected users / machines.




  I was having the same issue. What seems to work for me is

1. Expand the Teams channel that you want to Pin.

2. You should see "General" in the expanded list.

3. If you hover over "General" and Click on the 3 dots, you should see the option to PIN.


I find it strange that option is available for Expanded list under the Channel you want to Pin but not on the Channel itself. Also, it will show the channel under Pinned if you do not have multiple channels under the main channel - more sub-channels other than "General"


If only "General" is available under the channel, then Channel name shows in Pinned, otherwise it displays as "General" in the list.


If you have more than "General" under your channel, then you need to Pin each separately.  We have channels where you have sub-channels under it and I was able to see Pin for all sub-channels, but if I Pin "General" it shows as "General" under Pinned channels. 


Hope this helps.