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I'm posting a new thread to draw some attention to this.  I've seen nearly a dozen times in our organization a Chat or @ mention not reach the destination user on the desktop app.  No message in the thread, and no notification to go with it.  We have found that the message does show up on the portal, and if we quit the app and relaunch, the user then gets all updates.  Some other community members are reporting the same issue recently:


Is this a known issue that is being worked on?  I cannot move us off of Skype until I know users will consistently receive messages.  



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@Eric_H Same problem here. Soft launching Teams, but I am not getting notification of new messages.

@Eric_H Same issue here. Messages can take hours to be delivered. 

I suspect that the message-handling-code are based on the same buggy code as Skype (Appversion) - If you are logged in on your phone AND computer, it's get screwed up.


The only working Chat-application at the moment is the old Skype-For-Desktop.


Thanks @badass. That kind of makes sense. It may help us out.

same here
i'am working with the web-app (not the teams-client) and the teams-app

just a quick update - I took the risk and moved us to Teams only mode (no more Skype).  A few weeks in and we haven't had anyone report the long delay with messages/notifications.  Either MS fixed something on their end, or going Teams only helps.  Now that I've posted this I'm sure it will start happening again later today...

@Eric_H one of my co-workers has a similar issue in that the notifications are never delivered to him until he clicks on the teams app, at which point all the backlogged notifications appear and he can then see all that he's missed but was never alerted to.

@Kipp-IBS I face the exact same problem.


Notifications are never delivered to until the teams app is in focus, at which point all the backlogged notifications appear.

@Eric_H I got also the feedback, that sometimes messages have a delay from 5-10 minutes. I have even one with around 1 day delay.

I then checked whether we have set Teams only or not. Unfortunately, we are already running on Teams only mode. I don't think, that this setting helps.

What is your experience so far (after 6 months?)

@AOEH We seem to be fine ever since switching to Teams only mode and disabling/uninstalling Skype from workstations.  Unfortunately you might need to open a (never ending) ticket with MS. 


Regarding the other issue some describe where notifications don't come through until opening the app, I don't think we saw that.  I did see a few times where opening the web app somehow got the desktop app to "catch up", so something to try.  Also, just make sure your status isn't somehow stuck on "do not disturb" or have Windows "quiet mode" enabled.  Here's another similar thread  

@Eric_H thanks for your feddback on that. When you say uninstalling Skype, do you talk about Skype for Business or the free Skype client?

@AOEH - Skype for Business.  Most people just disabled it from startup.  

@Eric_H sorry... for some reasons i don't get notifications. Well, we deactivated it from the beginning on. Nevertheless, we have sometimes a delay but rather rare events.

@DFSedwinkoh That does not make sense. So in order to effectively use Teams you're saying that it has to be in the front all the time. Otherwise the app built to communicate, won't do so?

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Had the same issue. Tried all solutions - uninstalling, removing cache, reinstalling, ensuring Focus Assist is turned off, trying sans the VPN, on different networks etc. etc. - nothing worked.


However, turning on the Developer Preview helped:

Teams > Settings > About > Developer Preview 


I'm now getting notifications in real time. Hope this helps. 

Does that mean, that they implemented a fix in a future version?

What I observed is, that sometimes, when I get and read a message on my phone, sometimes I have to wait for long until the message appears in the client app. 

Just as side note and most probably not related: I have also a similar issue on my phone. Sometimes I see the notification but the client doesn't refresh and showing up the latest message. I have to close and open the app to read the message.


I do not get the Developer choice in About Menu


Also Where is the TEAMS ONLY mode?