Missing new Calendar tab since new update

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Hi all,


Since the last update of Microsoft Teams im missing the new calendar button form the teams app (as well from the online version).


I'm the global administrator of the tenant and at this moment im not able to schedule any meeting with our clients.


I ask a college to use Teams for the first time and he was able to see the button on the left side bar. I created a "global admin" and join teams and was unable. I don't know how to fix thix :(


Can anyone help me? How can I report this to Microsoft?


I'm attaching a screenshot of the problem.





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Hi @RoberHerraiz

You can report this to Microsoft via raising a ticket in the Microsoft 365 Admin Portal via Support > New Service Request

I would recommend raising it as it is both in the web and desktop clients, and you have made no changes in the Teams Admin Centre

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris
I would say you were signing in as a guest because you don't have the call tab either, but you have the ... apps menu so that can't be it.

Just because your a global admin isn't going to guarantee you these options, you need to make sure you are also licensed with an Exchange Online mailbox in addition to Skype / Teams licenses for all these components to light up.

Hello @Chris Webb,


I have that licenses active. I called Microsoft support and I'm waiting for the callback.



@RoberHerraiz was there any resolution on this? My team has started experiencing same thing.

Have you admin check App policies in Teams admin center, been seeing admins messing with these not realizing it can push to users.



Yes @chriscalenda.


I contacted the Microsoft support system from the Office portal, explained my problem and in two days they fixed it.


I think they will have to restart some internal thing to make it work.

@Christopher Hoard 




Before going to Microsoft support please help me with few troubleshooting steps. suddenly one of my on cloud email box MS teams calender tab missing in desktop app as well OWA.



Subrata Pradhan


Is this still an issue - can you see the calendar app in your Teams Desktop app or Web app (teams.microsoft.com)? Could you confirm if you are in a Cloud only setup? Or are you currently in Hybrid?

Best, Chris



I am in cloud only set up, for both case desktop app and online teams.microsoft.com is not able to see the calendar app.


Cheers, Subrata

Is this still an issue?

- Does it happen for multiple users in your org or just you?
- Are you in Teams only mode?
- You have exchange online turned on and are actively using it?

Let me know

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard,


Suddenly the issue occurred for two email boxes. we are in ISLAND mode. Exchange is turned on and actively using Teams, Thanks


Subrata Pradhan

Can you set them to Teams Only mode in the Teams Admin Centre and let me know the results?

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard,


Same has been tested, not helpful for me after 4 days again email boxes aligned to ISLAND mode as org requirements, Thanks



In that case, considering all else, it is a raise to support.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard,


Already raised a case with Teams Support on 30th Dec,19. waiting for positive update, Thanks


Subrata Pradhan



We root caused our issue to our security team unintentionally disabling Exchange Web Services protocol  for specific users in O365 admin portal. This caused the missing Calendar icon in Teams and also disallowed certain calendar notifications in outlook. Hope this helps.

Yeah, that def. would cause it not being able to access EWS! Never thought about being able to disable that via 365 exchange admin. Good share right there. Going to store that one in back of mind :).
Yeah, awesome. I never thought of that either :D
I have the same problem in my organization. How did you solve the problem @Subraatp?