Missing [Conversation] Button in Word Documents when opened in Teams

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For those of us who use it, the [Conversation] button available from the top right of the Word Viewer in MS Teams is a fantastic way of contributing to the posted conversations associated with that document.
(Please note, this is not document comments)

It has disappeared from our Tenant; however, only for those users who have installed the newish Word(Beta) Teams App.

I'm interested to know if others have lost this functionality, whether it is a deprecated feature or an issue with the new Word App in Teams.  (For those who have not seen the new Word App, it sits on the left hand Teams Nav Rail and provides quick access to the refreshed Word Portal from the office.com portal.

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Yes, disappeared for us too. Quite annoying because we used it alot
Same thing has happened to our organization. Didn't know about the new Word App but I know I didn't install anything on purpose, so I'm not sure if it's the Word App or a more widespread issue.

We have the same thing. REALLY miss the conversation button. It was the fastest way of involving others to co-edit documents. A shame it has been removed :(


Have posted some feedback to vote for :) https://feedbackportal.microsoft.com/feedback/idea/80803d6c-683b-ed11-a81b-6045bd7fe4d3