Mindmap in Teams - Please come to the party Microsoft.

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We are looking for a Microsoft app for Mind Mapping. Similar to how Whiteboard is a standalone app as well as one that is integrated into Teams. 


Use Cases:

  • Individual brainstorming for individual work
  • Individuals brainstorming for team work
  • Teams brainstorming for team work

I notice that whiteboard continues to add more templates that are useful for team work but the lack of mind mapping function in Whiteboard is is glaring. 


I have added my vote to user voice for this but with the amount of votes there I doubt this request will make it onto the radar for consideration. 


I can see there are a number of 3rd party options but we would rather use something by Microsoft that is designed to be integrated and works well. 


We would even be willing to consider an in-built mind mapping feature anywhere else in M365 e.g. OneNote, Word etc. 


Has anybody encountered this feature elsewhere in M365 and I have just missed it?




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@Sharyn_Mayne Microsoft Visio is another product that could help if you’re looking at something similar to process mapping with links that snap to objects.


Whiteboard also has support for custom templates now. You may be able to draft something that you can use there.


Hi Ben! Long time no see - hope you are well  :)


Microsoft Visio - We need something for the whole org to use that is intuitive to use without having to learn a whole program so I am afraid that cuts out Visio.


Whiteboard also has support for custom templates now. - I did not know this and I will go investigate right now. 


Cheers :)





For better or worse, it looks like Visio is the tool that Microsoft has chosen to implement this feature:





Hi Ryan
Thanks for this info. I have not even looked at Visio in its online form and I just had a squiz. The templates in Visio online definitely has possibilities - thanks for pointing it out.

@Sharyn_Mayne Hello!! :) If you haven't looked at Whiteboard recently, this is a good summary of some of the latest updates. There's lots in there! Microsoft Whiteboard has just gotten some MAJOR upgrades! - YouTube