Mind boggling that popups in chat block them messages and you can't turn it off

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I have tried everything I can, multiple times, and am still shocked that you cannot turn off the pop up messages that indicate a message has been posted in a chat during a meeting, that BLOCKS THE MESSAGE. 


I may be stupid, and if that's the case there are many like me, but I've tried multiple guides on multiple occasions and cannot turn this really annoying feature off. 



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Yup. Very annoying. No way around it other than disabling notifications while in a meeting which is a new feature just launched, which will keep it from popping up, but in turn, you won't get the notification :P.
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So yes, you can turn off notifications now (or soon) it's in preview client at least by going to Settings > Notifications > Meetings and Calls and Check "Mute notifications during calls and meetings" This will suppress the popup while on calls / meetings.
ooh, i tried doing this just recently and had no success, but maybe it's REAL new?
i see your message below, I'll give it a go.

yes, i had not clicked this button yet, so must be new. thanks again so much
Yeah it's New New, the other setting was for "Meeting chat notifications" that you're thinking. This one suppresses all notifications while in a call. Kind of like DND which presenting.