Migration of DATA - Team to Channel and Channel to New Channel.


Hi All,

We have adopted Microsoft Team 6 to 7 months back initially we have developed some teams and some channels however after management approval we have streamline TEAM and channels structure therefore we will move users on the new structure.


For Example, if we have a team so we created channels under a single team.


Now challenge is how to transfer DATA, Chat from Team to New Channel or Channel to New Channel 

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Hi! Data can be moved pretty easily since either with a manual approach ( sync - copy/paste or in sharepoint or talk tool like SPMT!

For chat is more complicated and I recommend using a third party tool here! You can find several online


Trying to do with SPMT but do not understand how it works can you please share some step by step.

Any suggestion or if any free third part tool to migrate chat

@adam deltinger 


it looks like the Share Point Migration Tool is used to move on-premises to cloud share Point.

when i trying to use SPMT it generates an error on the source address I just copy my source team share point library to another team share point library.