Migrating Google drive to Microsoft Teams

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Hi All, 

I am helping a client who is moving from Google  Drive to SPO and want to use Microsoft Teams for collaboration


  1. Source: Google Drive and structure is by each country. Within Google Drive, its easy to find Information like this


    Visio GDrive Structure.jpg

    ALL data stored in Google Drive and in a structured which immediately readable architecture. Each country as its own permissions.

  2. Destination: The destination Microsoft SharePoint Online and migration tool is not known as yet. It could be Mover.

     The client wants to have the same structure in Teams like folder structure in Google Drive above.   The key challenges that they are facing:
    1.  Search in Teams is difficult and
    2. Any Team the leadership/global team does not belong to, they cannot see content.

  3. Can we recommend to client the following:
    1. Do we create each SPO site for each folder. For e.g
      Japan (from Google Drive)  to https://contoso.sharepoint.com/sites/japan  ,
      India (from Google Drive)   to https://contoso.sharepoint.com/sites/India etc.

    2. Once India site is created, click on Add real-time chat to connect to SharePoint Site to India team:

      02 SPO Site India.jpg
    3. Create Teams channels as per Google Drive Structure as follows:

      04 Teams Channels.jpg

What is best approach to meet the client requirements and appropriate way to Organization Teams?
Thanks in advance.   


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IMHO, you should re-think the information architecture for your user, understand the use cases the have. For instance:
1) Why a Team per Country and then a channel per Department? Wouldn't it be better to have a Hub Site per Country and then for each department discuss if they want to have a Communication Site, a Group Site or a combination of both?
2) Depending on the department needs, you should advice the proper kind of SPO site accordingly. For instance, if the Department wants to collaborate on Teams, then it's a good option to advice to go for a Team Site. But what about sharing information with other departments? If that need arises, you should think on how to meet it: maybe an additional document library in the department site or maybe a full site just for sharing information purposes

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Thanks a lot for your advice. 


  • Having Hub Site for each site (country) for SPO will be great suggestion for the client. :smile:

  • Another issue that client mentioned that they would like to create groups of users for which we would define automatic access rights

    By adding users to those groups, they would like them to automatically access some contents (or Microsoft Teams).

    For instance: 

     a “designer” automatically being added to the “designers MS Team” (when assigned to that group of users who are entitled to access the Team).

    They have large complex structure in Google Drive  and not just 3-4 countries but multiple countries. 

  • Question: With this requirement of  automatic access rights can be achieved? Do we have to use dynamic membership for teams

    and use Dynamic membership rules for groups in Azure Active Directory 

    Please advice,