Migrating from Hipchat to Teams

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We're looking to move our teams from Hipchat to MS Teams; we have quite a lot of historic (and useful) team and 1-to-1 chats- has anyone here successfully performed a migration of all Hipchat data into Teams or have any tips on the best way to retain our Hipchat data when we move? (even if we possibly do not import it all into Teams)...

I've seen one article outlining a way of doing a team-by-team migration, but it does not appear to touch on 1-to-1 conversations or file attachments and nothing much else has come up in our trawling of search results online.

Any pointers from users who have gone through this already would be most appreciated!



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Afaik there are some limitations to the Hipchat export APIs, it's best to contact their support and get an official answer.

At current state of art in regards of migrations from any platform to Teams, in general there is a lack of knowledge (in my opinion) about how to perform migration and best practices. I expect at some point we will start to see migration tools to Teams, but we are not there yet

Can anyone confirm whether a tool is being developed to import HipChat data into Teams?  We have until February, 2019 to move off HipChat cloud and would like to move to Teams if possible, but need the ability to import the data exported out of HipChat.  If there isn't anything available by February, we'll have to move to a different product that does support this capability.


Please advise status, thanks!

I would also like to know whether this is in the works.

Hi guys,

Codingwith.net, as stated on their website, is now offering a 'fully automated, end-to-end solution for migrating Hipchat to MS Teams'


I would recommend reaching out to them as they say that they are in the process of updating their site with more information (I.e. pricing).

Hope this helps

Best, Chris
Great, thanks!


We've also created an app to help your with this migration: https://github.com/Lombiq/HipChat-to-Microsoft-Teams-Migration-Utility

Thanks @ZoltanLehoczky,

I will push out on social shortly to the wider community.

Best, Chris

Great, thank you Chris!