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Can we get better at messages displayed to users?

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Hello David, where and when are you getting this?

@Andres Gorzelany 


Using Teams?


Teams as App in CrEdge Version 96.0.1054.62  Account has access to two tenants.
You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 12/15/2021.

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Switch to second tenant that requires 2FA
Switch back to first tenant often gets this loop (Yes does nothing so give up and close Teams

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Start web app again - bingo.

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Only way out is to force sign out
Screenshot 2022-01-06 091015.png

I also sometimes get into that loop, and clearing the cache helps me.
About that message (that looks like a variable) do you receive it also not using Teams as an app?
I only use Teams as an App - too many identities :)
But the post is really about getting a readable message to help users ...
I have experienced this myself many times (only in the Web Client). The solution that works always for me is to refresh the Teams Client

@Juan Carlos González Martín I'm having this exact same message. Restart of Teams doesn't help. Does this have to do anything with Windows 11? I also have two versions of Teams on my computer after upgrading from Windows 10.


One version is useless to me as it only allows you to sign in with a private account. It probably came with the upgrade to Windows 11, but why... I only use Teams at work. Having two installations of Teams on my computer is confusing.

this happens to me when i send a join request to a team but i havent been admitted yet
One of our users in the company experiences the same issue when trying to open a document.

Is there any explanation and therefore a solution to this error?

A Student of mine is having this same issue. Only on a chromebook though, it works fine when she logs in via the app on a PC and via browser on a PC.


Rather than SWITCH accotns tell them to sign out and then they can switch to the other identity.

Known Issue for months now and as usual no indication or communication on when it will be fixed


@team @satya, @someone?
Seems lots of people get this - can we at least get a helpful error message?
Seem to be getting this error intermittently on Teams web app on Chrome.

User will navigate to teams and this will occasionally come up, can't access any channels or do anything else. Normally I just get them to refresh the page and all is well from there, but ideally would be nice to get a solid solution to this