Microsoft To-Do integration with Microsoft Teams

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It will be great to use Microsoft To-Do in Teams!!! it's strange they don't work togheter !!! It's much better than Planner!

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Hi Jacopo,

Thanks for your question. A lot of people would agree with this - including myself, and that is why there are a large number of people calling for it on Uservoice here

And here

I myself have signed up on the To Do Uservoice. As you can see, Microsoft have recognised it but it is on the backlog. This means it is planned at some point, however they have over features ahead of it.

Hope that helps

Best, Chris

I imagined i am not the only one asking for it! it will be a really interesting connection

It certainly will be! Thanks Jacopo,

If I have answered you question, please feel free to like the answer and set it as the solution to your question. Look forward to answering more of your questions in the future.

Best, Chris
Just a comment here: you say "To-Do is much better than Planner"...well, first thing you must take into account is that you are trying to compare two tools / products that has a different scope. To-Do is a tool focused on personal tasks management and Planner is focused on team work bearing in mind the definition of Teams as a collaboration Hub, is quite natural to understand why Planner is fully integrated in Teams and To-Do no...not to mention that Teams is based on Groups and one of the features you get when you create a Group is a Planner Plan...just my two cents. I also recommend you to watch Ignite sessions about To-Do, Planner and Project so you can have a clear vision of what's coming around the Microsoft Task Management ecosystem

Yes it would be nice to be able to access To-Do from Teams interface. It should not be too hard.


Also would be cool to be able to create a To-Do task from a Teams message.


However, I would not compare To-Do and Planner, however I think they plan to surface tasks from Planner in To-Do.


Go to To-Do and Teams uservoice, to push your idea.

Wow this would be fantastic if this was integrated. Was thinking this just this morning and wondering why I am using two different programs?

You can use it, you just need to login to the TODO online then copy the ulr and add it as a WEBSITE tab in Teams......


The one thing I wish it would do is open up to the actually TODO List for different projects. It seems to just load the main TODO page, but it is a start. Hope that helps!

This worked perfectly, thanks for the suggestion!
We can wonder why they don't just create a To-Do app that can be added to Teams like Stream or Planner can be.

Maybe again because Teams is more about collaboration and To-Do a personal task management built on top of Exchange / Outlook tasks...

After indeed adding it as a tab is one way to do it, I would still prefer direct access from the sidebar.

Even though the two apps -- planner and to do-- have different aims, the reality is that even if you are managing the team you still have to keep your personal requirements in mind.  I think integration is both a great idea and is urgently needed.  @Aim Zaab 

We are seeing a increase in the number of users asking for To-do integration. If they get a request to do something you can right click and add it to the To-Do app.

Absolutely, the integration was announced at Ignite as part of the new unified task experience which includes Planner

The uservoice now states early 2020 so if you haven’t voted do so and you will be notified once the status changes to completed

Best, Chris

Couldn't agree more with @Juan Carlos González Martín 

@Jacopo Mossio

I found an announcement that Microsoft intends to integrate Microsoft To-Do into Microsoft Teams by mid-2020.


A new way to check off your to-dos—Tasks in Teams are coming soon!

UPDATE 25th March 2020: The Teams integration should be available to everyone by the middle of the year.

Great to see this officially announced and coming in the next couple months..

I wonder if this has been released yet? Or if Microsoft has a plan? This would be so much better than planner but Planner and Microsoft Todos would be perfect together. 

Any ETA on the To-Do integration? It was planned to be launched last year?