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Does anyone know if the audio recording of teams is a multitrack audio recording. Are speakers separated in different voice file

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It is in one recording so you do not have seperate tracks available.
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Teams outputs as an .MP4 file into SPO/OD.


.MP4 files, as file types, support multiple audio tracks. This is for scenarios like multiple audio languages over video which would save storage and make sense for a multi-national workforce. 


Teams is a single audio track. However, you could possibly look to use third party tools like FFMpeg post production to add more audio tracks. This may be something we see natively down the road with the acquisition of clip champ. 


How to add multiple audio tracks to a single video using FFMpeg Open-source Tool? | by Kavirajan ST ...


If multitrack audio recording is a feature you want to see (I.e. optional setting within the TMR), you can always open a feedback here


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Thanks @Christopher Hoard for the added explaination!