Microsoft Teams Windows app doesnt remain active on second screen

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I am using two monitors. Usually I have Teams app open on my 2nd screen. When I get a message notification, I answer the message on the 2nd screen and keep working on my primary screen. But lately, since April 2021 I guess, the Teams app jumps to my primary screen whenever I click on it. It is annoying as it blocks my primary screen and then I have to move it back to the secondary screen. The old behavior was perfect where the window remained in the secondary screen unless I moved it.


Is this a bug? Is there a workaround?

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@satyajeetpadhi I have the same issue ! I have no idea how to solve it. Have you been able to find a solution ? Many thanks



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@Clem22 @satyajeetpadhi   this is an active bug and the engineering team is working to fix it.  In the meantime, does this workaround help?

To workaround the moving main window across screen when focused, disable emergency window retrieval mechanism in Teams (used when Teams window drift off screen by some accident):
1. Create file: %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\hooks.json
2. Place inside: {"enableSetBoundsOnFocus": false}
3. Restart Teams
The mechanism wrongly detect window position and activates every time Teams window is of main screen.

@ThereseSolimeno@Clem22The solution provided works. You would need to create a JSON file with the contents mentioned by @ThereseSolimeno and place in the folder mentioned.


@ThereseSolimenoDo we need to remove the JSON file after the bug has been fixed?

I honestly don't know....