Microsoft Teams window sharing doesn't show newly opened applications

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Hi, we have noticed we cannot share a window if the window was opened after the meeting started.

We have tested it on several windows 10 clients.

For exampel: When i'm already in a teams meeting and open a excel document now, i can't find the excel application in the sharing menu for windows. As workaround i have to share my whole screen.

Am i the only one with this issue?





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@phil211  here are the two tips which may help;


1 - updating to the latest version of the Teams

2- uninstall and reinstall the teams since this should work


Also, sometimes it does take some time to show there.


The issue is persisting, in fact I have the newest version... 

@ois_cesaramaro  is this just happens to you or all the users...


could you please try these steps below to see if that could help?


- Close Microsoft Teams (Check out if appears in the Windows toolbar and close it).
- Copy and paste the following path Windows File Explorer:
- Delete all contents in that folder > Re-start Microsoft Teams.
- Sign in


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This seems to be a bug when the New Meeting Experience is enabled. We have seen this across all our customers and on our new devices including brand new installations. 

There is a bug reported too


Can't share new app window that is opened after a meeting has started – Microsoft Teams UserVoice



@PaGaloh yes that could be but just to make sure since we don't see this same problem or might not notice that yet...


have you tried turning this option or is it already turn on too.


Disable GPU hardware acceleration (requires restarting Teams)



Turning on hardware acceleration and restarting teams doesn't help. no difference.


Only way to work around is to disabled the new meeting experience which is unfortunate.



@PaGaloh wow, this is a real bug then, well the UserVoice has been open so let's wait for that or maybe an MVP or Microsoft Employee have a workaround for this... 



in the latest version this seems fixed now. Myself works and also several customers report back positive

@PaGal  thanks for reporting back probably need to close this thread now by accepting one solution could the one that says an update to the latest version will fix these issues so we have it for Community to look at and check this is the fix and how it works.


I am glad that works for you


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