Microsoft Teams will not install on my desktop

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My company recently started using Office 365 and Teams. I tried to download the Teams for Desktop from the office 365 webstite. But when I run the install program (Teams_windows_x64) it just gets stuck in the loading screen. 

I have tried the following

- Checking for any new windows 10 updates

- Uninstalling Teams restarting my computer and reinstalling Teams

- Deleting all files related to teams on my hard drive

- Letting Teams install for my entire 8hr work day


I have desktop that runs windows 10 and office 365 other programs such as word and excel work perfectly and installed with out any issues. The tams desktop app installed with out any issues on my coworkers desktops.


I have included a picture of the loading screen.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated




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Hello @Chris_Reed_96   If this document doesn't help then you might want to reach out to our tech support site for personalized attention: Troubleshoot Microsoft Teams installation and update issues on Windows - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft...

@ThereseSolimeno Thank you for your help



I have the same problem.


@Chris_Reed_96, did the suggested solution work for you? What did you do?



Hello @moraisjose,

I tried that suggestion and I could not make it work. Now I plan to call Microsoft and ask for a tech to look at my pc and see if they can fix my problem.