Microsoft Teams Vs TeamBinder

nipuna weerasinghe

We are rolling out O365 within our organization and management want to know is TeamBinder or MS Team is better to collaborate with external stakeholder.
We are an engineering company will do a lot of a lot of collaboration with external engineers.

Can someone please explain what we can do extra with TeamBinder compare to MS Teams. I have been using MS Teams for many other organizations, I love it, but now I want to compare MS Teams and Teambinder. 


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I've not worked with TeamBinder but I checked it out quickly and i looks like they are specialized in document collaboration for engineers so this might suite you need better. With Teams you have the document collaboration and you can invite externals but you can also handle chat, audio- and video calls, meetings with multiple attendees and you can use it as your PBX (move your phone numbers to Teams).


You should start with list of features that what you would like to have from a collaboration platform, rate them and see what features you need to have and what would be nice to have. Then start working with both platforms and test them in a small group of users from the organization. Compare the tests you do with your feature list, even if both platforms can handle all your request one of them might do it better or in a simpler way.


Also consider the cost of the platforms, since you rolling out Office365 you probably bought a license plan where Teams is included so even if TeamBinder have functions that you can't find in Teams those functions might not be worth the extra cost.


/Linus Cansby

Thanks Linus
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