Microsoft Teams VOIP capability

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Hi Team,


Here we have a breakdown of the requirements as per our understanding i am looking for this solution for the India location:


  • VoIP service to connect users to customer support agents via data calls.
  • Free data calls for customers, including international connections, ensuring no extra charges.
  • SDKs for both iOS and Android platforms to facilitate easy integration using a Call to Connect (CTC) feature.
  • An admin panel for call logs, monitoring, and analytics, offering a robust dashboard experience.
  • Intended for VIP users, implying initially low traffic.
  • VoIP service that allows their VIP users to call directly to their customer support agents from their app.


    Need your suggestion? Is it possible to achieve the solution mentioned above using Microsoft Teams? If feasible, could you please guide us on how to implement it? Your guidance on this matter would be highly appreciated.




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