Microsoft Teams Voice loop Auto Landing Attendant

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I've set up the Auto Landing Attendant and I'd like to somehow loop it. Right now, it just....ends. This is what I have: "Thank you for calling (business) You can press 0 at any time to speak to a person. For sales say, sales, or press 1. For Apple devices say, apple, or press 2. For service and support say, support, or press 3. For billing inquiries and accounts receivable say, billing, or press 4. For the company directory or to dial by name say, dial by name, or press 5."


But then it just ends and there is dead air. Is there a way to say, "press 6 to repeat this menu" or something?

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@Richard Munro The * key will repeat the menu, so add to the end of your message "or press star to repeat".


Set up an auto attendant for Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

That worked, thank you!