Microsoft Teams (Using TurnTin ) Turn off notification to students when marking

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I would like to know if it`s possible to turn off notifications to students when marking their work and mark any changes before handling it? - I had a bizarre situation where my students are saying they are receiving notifications when I`m marking their work via teams.


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@Magnus Sandtorv @Laurent Carlier any idea on this one for Teams Education? Does the functionality exist?


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Thanks for the ping Chris.

This all depends on how you mark student work. If the assignment is a Word document and the educator ie. use Word comments as a part of the feedback process the students wil get a notification from Word.

That said, the assignments team is hard at work improving the assignment and grading experience, like the recent video assignments and the ability to reassign an assignment so that the student can improve their work and work in a more formative way.

There's also a much requested feature where educators can return a file as feedback to an assignment that should mitigate this issue, so please go vote and fingers cross we'll see this feature in the product soon 🤞🏻

PS! There's always lots of good stuff coming for back to school, so please look out for announcements over the next couple of months :)
Thank you for the response guys it's really appreciated.
I will keep this in mind.