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I'm trying port some DID to microsoft Teams for 6 months from vonage. Vonage is saying to port out number BTN is not required. but MS port request form requires BTN


This issue is keep dragging for 5 months now, today ptn desk send me a message saying they cancelled my porting request after 5month for no reason even after provinding all the required information.


I was trying to create a new port request but Team portal does not allowing me to do that. Its thorwing and error saying +0 number does not belong to US even after proving E164 format this is really frustating and hopeless.


my cusotmer is about to walk away from teams to a diffrent solution. and we are loosing because of this mess


Is there any one can provide some support on this please 

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Hi @HungryBoysSL

See here

For clarification, Partial Ports (some of your numbers) do not require BTN. Full Ports (all of your numbers) require BTN to be included.

If the porting wizard isn't working for you, you can manually submit a Port Order to the PSTN desk

1.) Download the LOA for your country or region
2.) Complete the form
3.) Send it to the PSTN service desk for your region

If you are US based sent it to Other contacts are here

If you don't here within a few days chase them. You have to keep on it with number porting until they confirm the move is in motion. It can be frustrating, and time consuming.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris