Microsoft Teams : Unable to add the domains in external access

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Hello All


Hope eveyone is doing great. am looking for the help from MS teams experts for one of my issues facing in Teams admin portal


My tenant is not open to extrenal domains, and its restricted to only allowed external domains for chat and calling funtionality.


All of sudden, am unbale to add any of the domains in externals access via teams admin portal (GUI)


its not allowing me to click DONE to save the changes further.


please find the screenshot

Blof External_Domain_Unabe to add.PNG


however i can able to add it via powershell

Ramki: 02/29/2024 14:42:15>$Domain = ""
Ramki: 02/29/2024 14:43:27>Set-CsTenantFederationConfiguration -AllowedDomainsAsAList @{Add=$Domain}
Ramki: 02/29/2024 14:43:30>$Domain = ""
Ramki: 02/29/2024 14:44:01>Set-CsTenantFederationConfiguration -AllowedDomainsAsAList @{Add=$Domain}

i have tried differnt browser and different system, No luck. 

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Please enter key after that done butoon will be enable.

@Praveen Thanks a lot

Looks , this is that recent changes from Microsoft. is that so?



Yes, we have also observed today. 

@Praveen_kumar590 Thanks mate, but looks it not impacting for all tenants, i have another tenant on which i am not facing any issue



may be some issue in the microsoft backend. Let me open a MS case and keep posted here