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Hello Community,

I have a question:

  1. Does MS teams record how long a user spends in a specific status?
    1. If yes, where can I download the report?
    2. If no, is there a way to record this and afterwards be able to download/generate reports?

i.e. I'm trying to find a solution to be able to generate/download a report regarding a user's status change (presence + activity) in Teams. You would be able to see a user's total time in a specific status, on a specific time range (date range selection or period selection i.e weekly, monthly, etc.)


I've already tried Microsoft Graph API and "get presence", but it seems that you only get the current status of a user (or users), and not the history of status changes.



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You've got all the correct information already. No such report, but you can build your own via the Graph API if needed. But it will include only status/presence changes going forward, not historic ones.

@Vasil Michev 

Thanks for your response!
Problem is, I'm looking for a way to get/record historic MS Teams statuses - I don't need live statuses. i.e. I would like to be able to get something like this (basically a reporting tool):


Period: 1 Month (Jan 2022)

User 1:

  • Available = 96 hours
  • Do not disturb = 16 hours
  • In a meeting = 40 hours
  • Away = 8 hours
  • etc.

User 2:

  • Available = 96 hours
  • Do not disturb = 8 hours
  • In a meeting = 8 hours
  • Away = 48 hours
  • etc.

and so on for all users in my organisation.

Thanks in advance for any further ideas!

You'll have to periodically poll for the status, store data somewhere, aggregate. No solution within M365 for that currently.
We built a SharePoint list with an Automate that ran every 15 mins (during the working day) which recorded the status of each user (using a HTTP call to the graph). It worked fine, but as Team statuses are not always correct you cannot take the results as 'fact'.

may I ask you&matthieuwa, why?
what this data will be used for, and what makes you want to do this?

It was a business requirement, I just delivered it.